Neoliberal nightmares come true

Sad Francisco 8: Landlord Arson: Evidence in the Ashes

Eight years after a fatal fire in the Mission District, there’s still a blank space where dozens of people, a Latinx market, and a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen once existed. We follow up on what many people at the time suggested was “the perfect crime.” On assignment in the Silicon Desert, Christen Cioffi (Twitter: @jfchrist_) declares landlords unfit for human habitation decisions. -
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Hot Rental Market Sparks Suspicions of Landlord Arson in San Francisco in Al Jazeera, reporting by Prisca Carpenter, Kentaro Kaneko, Toshio Meronek, and Clio Sady

San Francisco is Burning in GQ by Jon Ronson

Decade of Fire

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