• Sad Francisco 29: War on Drugs Redux f/ Sara Shortt


    The War on Drugs doesn’t save lives, but it brings in huge profits for anyone who works for the police, in all of policing’s forms. 

    While rich people can microdose LSD at the office or Burning Man without any worries of getting arrested, the War on Drugs is fought against poor, often nonwhite queer and trans people, in what local media loves to call ‘open-air drug markets’.

    Sara Shortt (@Shorttyshorttt) is on to talk about harm reduction and the city’s strategy of throwing money at policing in response to rising overdose statistics.

    GLIDE: glide.org; Gubbio Project: thegubbioproject.org; Safer Inside: saferinside.org; National Harm Reduction Coalition: harmreduction.org; Drug Policy Alliance: drugpolicy.org; 

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