• Sad Francisco 20: Miss Major Speaks: Conversations with a Black Trans Revolutionary


    ‘Miss Major Speaks: Conversations with a Black Trans Revolutionary’ is out this week, wherever you get books. patreon.com/toshiom has upcoming book events.

    Nice things people have said about the book:

    I’m so thrilled everyone gets to see what I see every day in Miss Major Speaks. Miss Major has shaped the world in countless ways from Stonewall to today, by being her unruly, fabulous self, leading communities, making time, and caring for and keeping her girls going. Lucky us to live in a moment where she is radiantly shining her light unto us all through this book! – Tourmaline

    The extraordinary insights in this book, always punctuated by Miss Major’s razor-sharp wit,  allow us to understand how liberation movements for trans, queer and other routinely marginalized people can hold the most emancipatory potential for all. – Angela Davis

    Miss Major Speaks is the rarests of gifts, like sitting at the feet of a wise, no-fucks-given elder, listening to her testimony, and being fortified by her brilliance. This book is a monument to the life’s work of Miss Major and the liberation movements she’s shaped. It reminds us that we are all we got and that is plenty. – Janet Mock