Neoliberal nightmares come true

Sad Francisco 9: New ‘Mental Health Jails’: We #FreedBritney. Who’s Next?

Rich liberals don’t love to be reminded of poverty that they’ve created. Instead of pushing for more access to housing or health care, they call their politician friends and tell them to hire more police and build more psychiatric/”mental health” jails to hold houseless people.

Clio/Thatcher Sady and Tory Becker join us from a paddleboard amidst the Sad Francisco floods.

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Cities Across US Are Stripping Homeless People of Their Autonomy,” Tory Becker and Toshio Meronek for Truthout

Amid Fears of Crime and Mental Illness, States Move to Expand Forced Treatment,” by Caleb Brennan for The Appeal

Eric Adams’s New Homeless Policy: More Policing,” by Lexi McMenamin for Teen Vogue

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